A Copenhagen Tale – Part Two

When you travel to different capital cities in northwest Europe you’ll notice that at first sight they seem to look like one another. Nevertheless, when you stroll down the streets you’ll quickly discover that they all have their own set of unique characteristics. That’s exactly what makes Copenhagen such a memorable city. Variety of architecture that has a very clean and slick feel, a very walkable and cozy city center with a cosmopolitan city vibe and then of course the people of Copenhagen, reminding you every second of the day how under-dressed you really are. Seriously though, they carry their couture so well, you’d almost think that every one has their own personal shopper, dressing them in the latest creations of (Danish) designers for every occasion. I was staring down from my balcony at the Axel Guldsmeden Hotel (in the utterly fabulous Vesterbro district) to even see some Danes jogging in outfits that I’d wear to a cocktail event! 🙂 Anyway, as a true foodie I decided to walk down and discover my version of couture: food!

If you follow my Instagram account you definitely might have recognized one or two pictures here, as I was lyrical about the breakfast offerings at Axel Guldsmeden. In fact, I will add to that by saying that the Guldsmeden hotel chain really wins the price when it comes to offering excellent food that is both conceptually consistent and compliments the hotel. As for the hotel, I felt like I stepped into a 4-star Shangri-la. At first I was confused, as the high-end area and building don’t really prepare you for the organic Bali meets Persia indoor experience. Scandinavians however know how to deliver service and it won’t take much time to appreciate what they’re trying to offer guests at this hotel. What can you expect from a night at Axel Guldsmeden? Carefully selected foods and beverages, non-stop service by the lovely staff and an urban spa that is quite small, yet does the trick. I only stepped out of this feng shui haven to visit a fantastic steakhouse called MASH (coming up this Monday!) and to walk down to the meatpacking district, where food, hipsters and clubs are blended together like the Manhattan version. Check out some impressions of the meatpacking district below. For now my Copenhagen tale ends, but we never say goodbye. Thank you to both the amazing staff at Axel Guldsmeden as well as the beautiful people of Copenhagen.

For more information on Axel Guldsmeden Hotel check out their website by clicking here!

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