Sushito Poké Bowls & Sushi Burritos – Amsterdam

We all went through our burrito bowl, sushi bowl..well, pretty much ‘everything-that-is-deconstructed-bowl’ phase the last few years. These food trends come and go rapidly, yet sometimes stick around for quite some time. They flourish up Instagram accounts (both feeds and amount of followers) and add to our overall hipster status. Benefits adding up if you ask me! 🙂 A classic example of a deconstructed meal has to be the Poké Bowl. Now if you haven’t heard of it before, my guess is that you’re not active on Social Media. 😉 Last year the poké obsession errupted both online and offline. All over the country (take-out) restaurants popped up and as this Hawaiian dish marked its spot in foodie-land, two twenty-something friends decided to open up their very own eatery: Sushito.

Sushito Post Photos (by Dishtales) (4 of 6)

It was great meeting the guys today (on their opening day!) and to photograph their food. They happily told me their story and I have to give it to them: it takes a whole lot of guts to start a poké bowl eatery when the competition is so fierce. Nevertheless, with a prime location (in the middle of my own – yay! – neighbourhood de Pijp), a large variety of topping choices (compared to other poké bowl places), some healthy confidence and a dash of charm, I sure these guys will do very well with Sushito. So to all my fellow foodies and Instagram hipsters: go get your poké on at Sushito!


Eerste van der Helststraat 74

Amsterdam (de Pijp)

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