Ketel One Botanical Spritz with a Dishtales Twist

It’s only been a few days since the annual Pride spectacle landed in Amsterdam and we’re still looking back at probably one of my favourite editions so far! Why? Because I had the chance to step onto the incredible private (pink!) deck of Pulitzer Hotel. A breathtaking front row ‘seat’ to view the 80 boats of the canal parade, while nibbling on delicious bites by Pulitzer Hotel and fabulous drinks by Ketel One.

Ketel One Botanical
Ketel One launched their brand new drink: Ketel One Botanical, distilled vodka with botanical ingredients and infused with natural fruitaroma’s. A great alternative for all the wine and spritz loving earthlings out there! As Ketel One Botanical has only 30% alcohol (oh and only 82 calories per serve!) it’s a fabulous drink on these hot summer nights. On top of that the bottle is absolutely gorgeous. There’s 3 tastes: peach and orange blossom, cucumber and mint, grapefruit and rose. My personal favourite is definitely the grapefruit and rose, though I’m sharing a cocktail recipe today with the cucumber and mint version, with a Dishtales twist! 😉

A Dishtales Spritz Recipe
Now it’s a bit too much to write down a recipe, so I’ll keep it simple for you guys. For a refreshing spritz you simply mix 40ml of Ketel One Botanical Cucumber and Mint with 150ml sparkling water and of course a bunch of ice cubes. Add some crushed mint and there’s your summer spritz. However, to take the drink to a next level: squeeze out half a lime, add 1 tsp of brown sugar and add some lime zest to your glass. Stir well and you’ve just made yourself a bombshell of a lemonade/vodka/cocktail/spritz/summer drink! 🙂

You can buy your bottle of Ketel One Botanical at Gall & Gall or Drankdozijn. Cheers!

This post is part of a paid collaboration with Ketel One.

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