D&A Hummus Bistro – Amsterdam

From the center of Amsterdam they expanded their hummus reach into the east side of our hometown. A while ago my lovely colleague Lotte invited a bunch of us to have lunch at the (at that point) brand new establishment of D&A Hummus Bistro. It was a stormy day, though that never stopped us from hopping into the next best Uber and driving down to the lively east. I’m glad we did, as again they proved how consistently epic their food is.

While the (increasingly popular) Shakshuka sizzled away in the cast iron pot, the owner served their signature Kababonim, lamb & beef kebabs served with roasted root vegetables and loads of tahini. The tasting continued with probably my favorite dish (aside of the hummus and well everything else..:D): Siniya, chopped lamb and beef on roasted tomato, sliced eggplant and crispy pita zaátar, topped with loads of tahini & picked red onions. You need to taste this dish to understand how epic it is. Period.
hummus hummus
I know that my Middle Eastern roots probably make me the most biased writer in this case, but hey what’s not to love about any dish coming from the Middle East? And when you feel the love that both the restaurant and kitchen staff have for what they serve, it’s hard to to be disappointed. Go ahead and try it out for yourself! 🙂

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