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There’s food, theater, music, art and of course, many fabulous Dishtales to share with you today. Little over a month ago I visited the second edition of a fantastic FoodieVent called TREK, a food truck festival that travels through the Netherlands and made its last stop in the international city of peace and justice: the Hague. With a warm memory of people’s stories and love for food I’m thrilled to share my impressions of that day.

Although an average food festival basically means that a bunch of food trucks arrive, dozens of foodies line up & tryout as much as they can eat, I sensed a different vibe here at TREK. Don’t get me wrong, all of the above was exactly what this day was about, but the cozy atmosphere and small scale of this festival really did its magic. Situated in the middle of a giant, green park with beautiful lakes, the Dutch (and oh so many expats living in the Hague) hopped on their bikes (as one does here 🙂 ), parked them at the bicycle parking lot (yup, those exist in Dutchland) and dove into a circus of food.

As it slowly became dark and the colorful lights warmly decorated the park (and well, it’s late summer so it became increasingly necessary to sip some alcohol and warm up our bodies) I came across some other notable trucks with delicious goodies. From gluten-free coconut balls to delicious cupcakes, pulled pork sandwiches and plain old organic fries, TREK offered everything a die-hard foodie wants on those late summer days. As the festival slowly came to an end I realized that there’s a world of Dishtales yet to be told. Although this festival concluded the outdoor summer FoodieVents, I cannot wait to share my Fall and Winter impressions of oh so many other fabulous events.

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