Dishtales in Paris – Part Une

Paris is that capital city where you feel like you’re in a cozy, very familiar small town whenever you go back. That and an unimaginable amount of stunning sights makes this city so infamous. As it’s only a hop, skip and a superfast Thalys train ride from Amsterdam to the very heart of this gorgeous city I was more than excited to kickoff the first chapter of Dishtales Travels there. It was a sunny morning when I arrived at Gare du Nord and so I jumped in a cab to stay above ground and soak up the cities early morning energy. My driver avoided the hectic Champs-Élysée traffic and before knowing it we turned into the phenomenally organized chaos of Arc de Triomphe square. The magic started when we took a right turn into the most stunning, springtime flower manifested street of Paris. Little did I know I arrived at Hotel Balmoral, my home for the next few days.Dishtales Paris Part Une Avenue Lanzerac (3 of 3)Dishtales Paris Part Une Avenue Lanzerac (2 of 3)
I’ve stayed at many hotels in Paris, but Balmoral exceeded every expectation! I’ll start by pointing out that I’ve hardly met hotel staff as (genuinely!) friendly as they were here. Throughout my stay they weren’t just welcoming, but also extremely helpful as I ventured through the building with my camera, awkwardly snapping shots (as bloggers do). Now I can go on and on about the fabulous interiors and hospitality at this gorgeous 4-star establishment, but as I was in Paris on a food adventure I’ll focus on the goodies! François Dapremont, the owner of Balmoral, explained to me how he has carefully assembled organic products from suppliers in and around Paris. His aim is to offer a typical French breakfast that allows guests to sit back and taste fantastic food coming from small-sized, quality focussed suppliers. I must say, I really tried to find something to criticize, but this breakfast spread is so good that at times I didn’t even feel like eating elsewhere in Paris. A great variety of products is set for you to pick and it just works so well! Overall I fell in love with this charming hotel and happily recommend it to Paris visitors.

As the sun never left the skies and my list of go-to’s was both exciting and endless, I got ready for my first foodie visit in Paris to a place that has spread her name across the world: Breizh Café, a cute little crêperie with (in my opinion) the very best crêpes in Paris. I had already heard/read about the fact that they mainly use buckwheat as a base and that reservations are highly recommended. Of course I forgot to book a table and was lucky enough to get one right next to the window (yay for daylight!). With dozens of menu options I asked the waiter to just serve me the most favorite one and…oh gosh I can’t even start to describe…I’m going to let the pictures say the words! 🙂

Dishtales Paris Part Une Breizh Cafe (1 of 3)Dishtales Paris Part Une Breizh Cafe (2 of 3)Dishtales Paris Part Une Breizh Cafe (3 of 3)

The sun went down and the Eiffel Tour started sparkling. I took the metro back to my hotel, only to discover that I never needed a cab as the station is right round the corner! I went to bed early as the following two days were all about my newest Dishtales People members: Meet Jacopo Meet Noémie. Stay tuned for Part Deux where I move towards the bustling and fabulous neighbourhood: Le Marais.

For more information, bookings & directions to Hotel Balmoral click here!

For more information, bookings & directions to Breizh Café click here!


  • Erica says:

    That breakfast spread made me hungry! Yum 🙂 Great article, looking forward to the second part as I love the Marais neighbourhood! xo

  • Glenn says:

    Oh wow! So much I missed out on since my visit two weeks ago! Cravings..

  • Rudrani says:

    Love this post! I love Paris, so really good insights! The breakfast looks amazing and the hotel seems like a good option for a visit to paris!! Looking forward to read your next posts!

  • Sharron says:

    I lovee the new Dishtales travels segment. We should be able to make a judgement of a Hotel merely by its breakfast, not 😉 ? So far all this looks great! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Niene van Dijken says:

    This story makes me miss Paris so bad! Hopefully I will be visiting soon again, and when I do I will be sure to follow in your footsteps! 😉 Thank you for your recommendations, those croissants look to die for..

  • nathalie says:

    OMG I really love Paris and that hotel is to die for!! <3
    Btw those crepes look amazinggggg!


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