Milkshake Festival: For All Who Love..Food!

It all started 3 years ago, when two leading Amsterdam nightclubs came together to create a festival that embraces diversity, creates a unique atmosphere of liberty and above all celebrates the (by now well-known) slogan “For all who love”. As of that very first edition Amsterdam embraced the Milkshake Festival. On Sunday 07-19-2015 earthlings from all over the world (literally!) return to Westerpark, Amsterdam, to celebrate life, love & diversity at the fourth edition of Milkshake Festival. With a wide range of entertainment, whether it’s visual spectacle or (inter-)national music acts, this one-day festival hosts several gorgeous, unique stages, fabulous entertainers and even a well established food court!

Dishtales Milkshake Festival Food Pictures (1 of 12)Dishtales Milkshake Festival Food Pictures (2 of 12)
Now although many boys & girls probably joined a local crossfit/bootcamp class to fit into their pitch perfect (custom made?) Milkshake Festival outfits, we know that after making a grand entrance, walking an imaginary runway and flirting with that boy or girl you’ve always wanted to impress…well, you’ll be craving for FOOD! As a bunch of returning Milkshake visitors told us that they didn’t even know where the Food Court was located (which naturally blew us away!) we thought that it’s about time to shed some much-deserved light on this festival’s foodie spectacle! The selected food trucks and vendors at Milkshake are handpicked by the organization and serve a variety of organic, healthy & fresh goodies (so no worries about post-crossfit binge-eating dudes and dudettes!). What’s there to eat and drink? Well, of course there’s a bunch of trucks that are all too familiar (if you visit basically any other food event in town), but what we love most is the diversity of food and beverages that the 19 trucks & vendors offer.

To help you guide your way through this fabulous festival we’ve selected 6 foodtabulous vendors/trucks that we’re featuring below. Don’t forget to share your love by trying out all other vendors as well! Here goes:

1. For all who love..CANDY!

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With a cute little Vintage Van and a shitload of sugar these lovely ladies spread the joy of cupcakes, cookies, lemonade, cakes…well anything sugary really! So in case you’re taking a break from that overdose of Gin&Tonic or simply denied yourself sugar for the past few months, Sweet Wheels is the place to go to!

2. For all who love..A HOT DUDE’S COCONUTS!

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Do I really need to say more..? 😉 Well, perhaps it’s good to know that you can add the word alcohol to that title as well! Cocos Locos is definitely stirring up some Milkshake coconuts.

3. For all who love..STREETFOOD!

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Michelin star Chef Moshik Roth joined forces with Salem Samhoud and created this fabulous streetfood concept in 2012. &Samhoud Places delivers a variety of global streetfood dishes with Moshik’s unusual twist in a casual setting. Hop by for their &Tomeato burger at the Milkshake Festival, and try their 100% tomato burger!

4. For all who love..WEED BURGERS! 

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A 100% plant-based hamburger, with seaweed as THE taste-maker. I’ve tried this vegan burger before at a food festival and I was utterly surprised by the beautifully balanced taste. Big thumbs up for this original creation by the fabulous duo Lisette and Mark of Dutch Weed Burger. Oh and in case you’re hoping to get stoned for hours…think again…seriously guys! 🙂

5. For all who love..YOGURT!

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In case you need a break from fast-food, wanna cool down with a healthy bite or just need nice a dose of vitamins you should definitely hop by Cherith and Kelly, to try out a cup of their ultra fresh yogurt. Stacked up with fruit, nuts, honey and dark chocolate, Super Yogurt gets yogurt straight from the farm (day old!) and delivers it to hungry Milkshake Festival foodies!

6. For all who love..SUGAR DADDY’S!

Dishtales Milkshake Festival Food Pictures (10 of 12)
To all the happy twinkies that are pre-ordering Milkshake coins, this vendor is not selling what you’re hoping to find! 😉 Sugar Daddy aims to bring the very best of Dutch food to Milkshake: poffertjes! In case you’re not Dutch: click here! In case you are, well, then you know where to find this epic vendor. Tryout their poffertjes met nutella!

So folks, by now it´s clear that whatever, whomever and even wherever you love…you simply cannot miss out of the Milkshake Festival experience while visiting Amsterdam this summer! “OK! I need tickets, NOW!” Well, scroll down for information! #lovewins.

Date: Sunday July 19, 2015
Location: Westerpark, Amsterdam
Time: 12:00 – 23:00
Age: 18 – 200 years old

 For more information on the featured food trucks/food vendors click here:
Sweet Wheels
Cocos Locos
&Samhoud Places
Dutch Weed Burger
Super Yoghurt
Sugar Daddy

Photo credits to Sweet Wheels, Cocos Locos, Dutch Weed Burger, Sugar Daddy, Super Yoghurt, Milkshake Festival and Dishtales.


  • Bart says:

    Can’t wait for Milkshake!!! Cool (and funny!) article 🙂

  • Jeroen Witte says:

    Voor ons festival ben ik op zoek naar een snoep foodtruck. Wij organiseren een festival voor 1000 man in Middelharnis (Goeree-Overflakkee) op 7 okt. Graag hoor ik of jullie beschikbaar zijn.

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