Westergasterras – Amsterdam

Great food always carries a great story and that story, sometimes without you even being aware of it, takes you on an exciting journey, an unforgettable experience. If you have the same creepy (love) relationship with food as I do that sentence definitely must have drawn a tear or two. If not, well then I suggest you still keep on reading and allow me to share a very cool dining experience in Amsterdam, somewhere between streaming water and endless green.

On a cold winter night, together with a bunch of similarly die-hard food loving friends we were invited to do what we do best: taste food! Where? Westergasterras, in the heart of Amsterdam’s well-known Westerpark. Some beautiful menu items were served alongside a very cool (and delicious!) Thursday night special: “Roast Of. Every week another kind of meat (sorry vegan foodies!) will be roasted to perfection and served with some selected sides. What I love is that this concept invites you to interact with the chef as well, allowing them to share their passion with you personally. On a non-rainy evening you could even grab a beer and join chef Tommy (aka the Roast Master) to watch him work his magic! As for the set menu, to show you the diversity of items I took a few snaps of course:

Now I can’t help but sharing some final snaps, showing you what a dining experience with fellow (food) bloggers looks like. To be honest, we really have the best intentions, wanting to show you beautiful food photography. However, I don’t think we’re very aware of how ridiculously hilarious it looks like when a bunch of foodies jump on top of a dish with phones and cameras! 🙂 This, however, is really what we love to do and that makes nights like these very memorable. Therefore a big hug and shout-out to my girls: Girls Love 2 TravelCravings in Amsterdam, Waar Amsterdam Eet, Polabur and Wanderlust.

Foodie Friends (4 of 4)Foodie Friends (2 of 4) Foodie Friends (3 of 4)

For more information, opening hours and reservations at Westergasterras click here!

A big thank you to our fabulously iconic friend Bart for taking us on this delicious journey of great food!

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