3x Lunch in Amsterdam

With all these gorgeous sunny afternoons in Amsterdam I’ve been discovering more and more nice lunch spots around the city. Today I’m sharing 3 of my favorite, recent discoveries with you guys. I’ve picked one in the fabulous east, the green west and of course one in my very own neighbourhood de Pijp. Here we go!

lunch in amsterdam lunch in amsterdam lunch in amsterdam
Bar Kantoor – Amsterdam West

As part of the brand new, eco-friendly Conscious HotelBar Kantoor opened her doors not too long ago. Together with two of my lovely colleagues we went for lunch on a sunny Monday. What was supposed to be a shot lunch date turned into hours of just hanging on their beautiful terrace, tasting their variety of dishes and sipping wine. That is exactly what their terrace offers you. Considering the location in the heart of Westerpark, an afternoon stroll or even a nap in the park is right in reach. As for the food, I loved the pastrami starter with beetroot, chickpeas and goat cheese, as well as the burrata salad with tomato, black garlic and shaved green asparagus.

Lunch LunchLunch
Venkel Salads – Amsterdam East

I’ve met Elnaz a few years ago, when I had the chance to photograph her beautiful salads at Venkel. I knew that with her entrepreneurial passion and true love for her business Venkel would spread through the city. Thus, when I found out that her second location was opening a few months ago I wasn’t surprised at all. The thing that sets Venkel apart from other salad bar in town is the fact that the menu hasn’t become a standard (chain) salad menu. You don’t go to Venkel for a classic Caesar’s or the never-ending Nicoise salad option. Venkel offers carefully assembled salad recipes that Elnaz creates each season, while only using seasonal produce. My absolute favorite right now is the Mangomania, a bowl of fresh greens, grilled chicken filet, mango, chickpeas, cauliflower, turnip, tomato, cucumber, spring onion and peanuts. Add some yellow curry dressing and there you have a bowl of greatness. Oh and of course you can assemble your own salad, but I truly suggest just to pick one from the menu. Best part of this new location: you can take a stroll through Javastraat and discover all the hidden treasures of Amsterdam’s east side.

Lunch Lunch Lunch
Escobar – De Pijp

Around the corner of my house, in the middle of the Albert Cuyp streetmarket, this cute little place opened its doors just a few months ago. Last Monday I went for lunch at Escobar with my favorite foodie: my mom! Little did I know that Escobar isn’t a cute little place inside, but quite a large, beautifully decorated restaurant/bar. As the weather allowed and there was room on the outside terrace, we decided to enjoy the sun, while the chef presented some of their signature dishes. My mom doesn’t eat pork and boy did she miss out! The crispy taco with pork and pineapple was to-die-for! Although you can pick whatever you like at Escobar, the concept is to share a bunch of dishes and I would totally recommend to do that. Portuguese spiced chicken, Spanish patatas bravas or even a classic ceviche (so good!) are part of the menu, taking you on a tasting journey. Take a stroll through the market or Sarphatipark after and you’ve had a lovely afternoon in my neighbourhood. Make sure to say hi! 🙂

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