Dishtales in Paris – Part Deux

Paris’ metro network is by far my favorite in the world. It’s a spiderweb of connections reaching every corner of the city. Most tourists quickly become familiar with the famous (yellow) line 1, a well connected route that starts in the north-western area (La Défense) and ends in the east (Château de Vincennes). Halfway this route you’ll find tons of amazing landmarks and bustling tourist attractions, like Musée du Louvre, Place de la ConcordeRue de RivoliNotre Dame and the always busy metro stop Hôtel de Ville. That’s where I got off the train to find Hotel Duo, where I’d spend my last days in Paris. Oh and for those who know Paris all that well, yes indeed, we just entered that fabulous neighbourhood called Le Marais.

Dishtales Paris Part Deux - Building Hotel Duo (2 of 4)
Although the buildings have the same elegant style as any other place in the city, it’s the streets of Le Marais that stand out. So narrow, yet elegant and always filled with either tourists, vendors or young Parisians going for lunch or boutique shopping. As I arrived early morning at Hotel Duo I had the chance to explore the hotel before heading out and take some snapshots of their lovely breakfast spread. With newly renovated interiors, the lobby and lounge area look exactly like you’d expect from a hip hotel in this area. The contemporary look is neatly set with design furniture, a cute cocktail bar (yay for cocktails!) and very cool staff. Of course the excellent location adds to one’s excitement to head out and explore the area. Fun fact: the hotel manager proudly explained how the hotel has a legacy of being owned by women for many generations; which is apparently quite rare and unique!

Although I could go on forever about Le Marais, as I’ve always carried a strong love for this area, I decided to share two of my favorite foodie must-do’s in Le Marais with you in a final Paris post this Monday. Meanwhile, I’d like to take you on a stroll through the 12th, where I discovered the cutest patisserie that I’ve seen around in Paris. I discovered it on my lovely afternoon walk with Noémie (click here for her dishtale) when she pointed it out. I simply had to walk in. Delicious, fresh loafs, stunning cakes and of course an overload of beautiful sweets are displayed at Blé Sucré. Oh and keep in mind that they’re known to have the best Madeleines in Paris! Although you can sit in front with a cup of coffee I’d suggest to buy a bunch of goodies, cross the street and sit in the beautiful little park of Square Trousseau. These are the moments that you’ll fall deeper in love with Paris.

For more information, bookings & directions to Hotel Duo click here!

For more information & directions to Blé Sucré click here!


  • Tamara says:

    Great article! I’ve actually stayed at Hotel Duo before, great location! <3 X

  • Jenny says:

    I feel like going to Paris again soon! Lovely story and great photos!

  • Stephane says:

    Very nice article, bravo! Marais is indeed such a beautiful neighbourhood! Can’t wait to go back and visit your recommendations!

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