Din Din Kitchen – London

I love visiting London for a fun weekend with friends. As I often visit the city and always end up photographing for content, I wasn’t planning on writing an article during my last trip. Being a true foodie/blogger that plan obviously failed and again I was browsing for cool foodie content to share. My lovely Persian friends Ali and Soroush (also notorious foodies like myself) then told me about this Pret-a-Manger type of place where they often get their lunch. Nothing special you’d say, but when they mentioned it was all Persian dishes I was naturally intrigued..

I wanted to meet the creator of this concept called Din Din. Luckily, the lovely owner Vida Tayebi had some free time for a cup of tea (and even a backstage tour!) at her central London restaurant. My first impression of Vida was that of a fierce business woman with a deep love for Persian cuisine. Her passion for sharing Persian food with a mainstream London audience led to this exciting business venture. A variety of traditional dishes with some subtle (family recipe) twists are wrapped up and ready for take-out. Now I can hear Persian mother’s (somewhat anxiously) wonder how authentic the dishes are. Well, after my kitchen tour I was invited to taste whatever I wanted and of course I didn’t hesitate to taste nearly all dishes! 🙂

The succulent flavour of chicken and lamb kabab skewers, nostalgic memories with a bite of our Persian version of the Russian potato salad, side dishes that I love so dearly..it was all truly wonderful. But a taste of the traditional rice and stew dishes made me fall in love with Din Din Kitchen. Vida truly presents the very core (taste!) of Persian cuisine in a contemporary form that so very well matches with our European pallet and (foodie) lifestyle. All I can say is that I’m hoping she crosses the sea soon to introduce Din Din Kitchen in Amsterdam as well! 🙂

For more information visit www.dindinkitchen.com!


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