Thijs by Dikker & Thijs – Amsterdam

In the midst of all the bustling, touristic energy of Amsterdam lies a stunning, monumental building. Back in the days this used to be a warehouse. Today, the fine people of Amsterdam know it as the Dikker & Thijs boutique hotel. Underneath this majestic building lies a cute little, bistro style restaurant called Thijs.

I decided to take my dad with me, as my parents live quite far away from Amsterdam and so we don’t see each other that often. An evening of sipping wine and enjoying beautiful cuisine seemed more than appropriate. As we were seated I noticed a cute little welcoming message (cover photo) on the table. You win me over quite fast with service details like this! As for the food, Thijs serves French cuisine with a contemporary look and taste. You can expect classics like Bavette and Tarte Tatin alongside seafood dishes and a roasted lamb (that I badly wanna try next time!). Their menu has a variety of choices for everyone really, without being pretentious at all. What sets the tone at Thijs was something my dad and I both strongly agreed on: service. I often have the ‘lack-of-service’ discussion with fellow bloggers, as we visit many restaurants and thus have a global understanding of the service level in Dutch hospitality. Thijs sets a standard that many can learn from. Both my dad and I felt very welcome and had a beautiful night out, with great food, wines and a relaxing atmosphere. Perhaps I should visit the city center more often. 🙂

Thijs by Dikker & Thijs

Prinsengracht 438

Amsterdam (City Center)

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