Two Foodie Must-Do’s in Paris

As promised I will finish by sharing two of my favorite foodie must-do’s in Paris. I have to say that when I was travelling back home from Paris the only thing on my mind was to share my pictures and stories about these two places with you all. Honestly, after so many food discoveries in Paris over the years I never thought I’d find new places that would overly excite me as these places did! Here we go! 🙂

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As I was walking through the gorgeous Marais, my dear friend and fellow blogger Queen of Jetlags texted me about this bistrot that she loved going to during her Fashion Week time in Paris. “Fabulous food, fabulous people, oh and they write in your coffee!” What? Yes, they’ve taken coffee art to a whole new level here! Considering her impeccable taste for great food and me being super curious about this coffee art thing I obviously had to discover this place. And yes indeed, on a sunny day in Paris I found a cute little hipster bistrot on the corner of a small street with a big crowd having brunch. When I asked (the very friendly staff) about this coffee art the barista said ‘absolutely!’ and went into creative writing mode (picture below) for minutes to come. The result…well I took about 100 pictures of his creation, that’s how excited I was! On a Sunday in Paris this is definitely a fantastic place to just lounge and watch the massive crowd stroll by all day. Absolutely fabulous!

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And then you simply walk down a few blocks, into the Jewish quarter, where endless falafel vendors sell their stuffed pitas and still manage to have people queuing outside. Imagine finding that place you were looking for and when you walk in you feel like an 8 year old in Disneyland. Guys, honestly you can skip whatever infamous landmark Paris has and just go straight to Miznon. While music is playing in this small eatery, the staff literally seems to be in the grand finale of a musical scene. Everyone’s smiling, occasionally moving those hips and, most importantly, serving EPIC food to customers like there’s no tomorrow. The fabulous owner didn’t just welcome me with a big smile and so much love for her eatery, no, she even remembered my name and made sure that David, her colleague who was taking orders at that time, and other colleagues knew my name the entire time that I was there. I genuinely wanted to stay there all day and try everything they had, but decided to visit this place over and over again whenever I’m in Paris. Miznon is an institute of great food (make sure to check out their website and prepare yourself for a massive amount of fellow foodies visiting when you go there!), vibrant atmosphere, good prices and most importantly: phenomenal people! My eggplant ratatouille and generously stuffed lamb kebab pita were to die for. Like them on Facebook, book your ticket to Paris, skip the Eiffel Tower and get ready for foodie heaven!


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