Brooks – Amsterdam

With all the ongoing new hipster concepts (that we unapologetically love as well) in Amsterdam it seems a little hard at times to find a laidback joint that serves up whatever you’re craving. Brooks is my new discovery and all of the above comes together in this Amsterdam Zuid restaurant. Upon entering Brooks, you walk into a charming, Parisien café-like glass house, with a view of boutiques and pedestrians strolling along the posh Beethovenstraat.

The lovely waitress presented the menu and served up some delicious cocktails (highly recommend starting with one of these!). Food-wise we totally went for all our cravings. The menu selection is very wide and therefore I think that you can always pick a desired dish here. Great if you’re going out with a larger group! 🙂 The couscous and rack of lamb dish (cover photo) was definitely a highlight, but we both fell in love with the spectacular tikka massala tacos (picture below), stuffed with chicken, mango and pico de gallo. Although this is a ‘bites‘ menu item you can still order it and get it served as a starter. Don’t forget, Brooks is all about fulfilling your foodie cravings. Isn’t that exactly what we want at a restaurant? 🙂


For more information and reservations visit Brook‘s website!

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